Crisp DNA

The inner workings of a rather different consulting company

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Our main internal communication channels are:

  • Crisp Unconference twice per year.
  • Pulse meetings (or mini-conferences). These happen about twice per year, in between the unconferences. Typically a half day or whole day with some kind of theme, like “how we make decisions” or “how we handle conflict” or “how we run courses”.
  • Team mailing list - a single mailing list with everyone on it. We use simple email conventions to separate must-read stuff from general discussions, and the Bun protocol to route client inquiries to the right consultant.
  • Board meetings every month.
  • Slack for chattier stuff (previously Skype)
  • Signup - a homegrown tool used for sending invites and keep track of who is coming to a meetup. We use it for things like keeping track of who is coming to the next unconference.

Most decisions are made, and most problems solved, in one of the above forums.

A lot of good communication also happens at our hack-summit, although the purpose is more to geek out together than to communicate :)

Where we store info:

  • Google Docs - we used it for almost everything now a days. Our main doc is the dashboard
  • Wiki - used to be our communication hub, but now it’s rarely used (because of google docs)
  • Dropbox - we have a dropbox business account that we used for shared docs that don’t fit in google docs.
  • GitHub - a github organization account for shared code and, well, the Crisp DNA that you are reading right now.

How we communicate with the outside world:

  • Our website -
  • Our blog -
  • A mailing list for our customers and course participants, we send information about upcoming courses about once or twice per quarter.
  • Twitter - our twitter handle is @CrispSweden
  • Facebook
  • … but the biggest channel of communication is of course the personal and informal channels - Crispers tweeting, blogging, and talking to friends and customers. Together we have a huge network!