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Crisp Hack Summit

Crisp Hack Summit is a 2-day event where we meet up at an off-site location and hack on pet projects and similar.

We normally have Hack Summits 3 times per year.

Hack Summit gives everyone an opportunity to:

  • learn and evaluate new technology
  • hear about other experiences of techniques and tools
  • try out ideas for products
  • focus on a task for 2 days
  • get to know each other, and people who wish to join Crisp
  • flee family chores ;)

Why is it called Crisp Hack Summit?

We like the combination of the light sounding “Hack” and the quite pretentious “Summit”.


Part of our idea is to always keep learning new things, and to dedicate 20% of our time to personal development. The Hack Summit concept is part of this.

Typical schedule


  • ~08.30 Coffee and sandwich
  • 09.00 Short briefing where everyone presents what they intend to work on (1 minute per person). Ideal for finding pairing partners if not already found.
  • ~10.30 Coffee
  • ~12.30 Lunch
  • ~15.00 Afternoon coffee
  • ~16.00 Short briefing of learnings during the day. Optional demonstrations, max 3 minutes
  • ~16.20 Continue hacking
  • ~19.30 Dinner


  • 08.00-10.00 Breakfast
  • ~09.00 We hack on - no synchronized morning briefing but we aim to start at 9 if anyone wants to discuss a problem etc.
  • ~10.30 Coffee
  • ~12.30 Lunch
  • ~14.00 Project briefing and demo. Hack Summit Retrospective.
  • ~15.00 Afternoon coffee
  • ~15.30 Homeward bound